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The Quebec Coalition on Weight-Related Problems (Weight Coalition) promotes the sharing of ideas and respect different opinions. All comments will be read and considered. However, the Coalition Poids reserves the right to withdraw any comments and not to reply to them, if the message :

  • is defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, abusive or discourteous;
  • is incitement to violence;
  • is advertising in any form whatsoever, including comments promoting products or services;
  • is published several times;
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  • contains confidential information, such as personal information;
  • comes from content subject to copyright, for example copy and paste a full newspaper article from a magazine or a website without citing the source;
  • comes from content used without quoting the source, e.g. copy and paste an excerpt, magazine or website without specifying the source.

The Weight Coalition is regularly on demand to share tools and training related to weight issues. It is therefore its policy to disseminate only news about environments and policies that support healthy lifestyles. In addition, the Weight Coalition does not promote services, programs or products for commercial use.

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The Weight Coalition abides by the privacy laws of Quebec and Canada.

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